Would you like a greater understanding and deeper connection with your child and an inside knowledge about what is holding them back?


Rapid transformation therapy (RTT) is for you. This award winning technique utilises cognitive behaviour therapy, hypnosis, neuroplasticity and Neuro-linguistic programming for an incredible and lasting change.

Children are great candidates for hypnosis as their minds are always open. Most children find hypnosis easy and get good results. They naturally go into this state during the day eg. when playing make believe. With children, hypnosis uses visualisation techniques, stories, role playing & repetition.


This formula for success was developed by Marisa Peer and uses a step-by-step process which involves tapping into past memories, interrupting the thought patterns, helping your child reframe any old, limiting beliefs and transforming them, after installing new, positive ones.


What makes RTT such an effective therapy is that typically only 1-3 sessions are needed per issue.

Applications for RTT include;

  • Fears and phobias.

  • Fear of loss and separation

  • bed wetting/Nail biting/thumb sucking.

  • Exam and test anxiety/preparation at school.

  • Memory enhancement.

  • Sports performance.

  • building confidence.

  • Feelings of anxiousness/anger/sadness.

  • Developing a 'I can' attitude.

  • Developing resilience and coping skills.

  • calmness and deep relaxation.

  • Sleep.

Help your child to transform their life today!

Hypnosis is not recommended for children with epilepsy or anyone experiencing psychosis. 

Children are alert and in control at all times.